About Me

Having spent my last 42 years as a practitioner of Information Technology, I’ve had little time to interest myself in much outside the field – the constant changes in this industry requiring continued research and education just to remain current.

However, over the past 10 years I find myself increasing interested in other fields, and via my extensive reading have explored such areas as classical literature, philosophy, our history and our future. In particular, I find myself becoming increasingly concerned with the concerns humanity currently faces – as I see them: Climate Change, Pollution, Health, Fundamentalist Religion, Racism, Our Future, and a few others – not in any particular order.

What really concerns me is the many approaches and opinions reported in the above areas over recent years – many I feel are invalid and stoked incorrectly by sensationalist news media. The reality is that only bad news sells, and consequently gets discussed – while the many items of good news just never receive any coverage. These got me thinking about what I can do myself to address any of them, and this blog is the start of that process. So over coming weeks & months, expect to start seeing my perspectives on some of the above subjects. I trust you will enjoy joining me on this journey. I do

I was part of a fundamentalist Christian community for the first half of my life, and I’ll also be blogging on this topic in the near future. Religion is thus a topic near and dear to me, and I’ll share my journey of 15 years in exiting that position. As the Apostle said (paraphrased) “When I was a child, I spake and thought as a child. Now that I’m a man, I’ve put aside those foolish ideas”

Don’t expect any startling new research here. Content posted will be drawn from my reading, research, and discourses with the many people I come into contact with – some very informed, and some not so. I might suggest that “I’ll be standing on the shoulders of giants.”

The only area I won’t blog about here is IT. If you came here by mistake looking for technology advice, please visit my corporate site.

And expect a little levity – life is too short not to smile once in a while.